We develop socio-technical and data-driven solutions to sustainability challenges facing the urban built environment

Latest Lab News

*New Paper* in Advances in Applied Energy

Our paper "Exploring the influence of urban context on building energy retrofit performance: A hybrid simulation and data-driven approach" was published in Advances in Applied Energy. Congrats Alex and Ben! This paper was published open-access.

*New Paper* in Sustainable Cities & Society

Our paper "Context-aware Urban Energy Analytics (CUE-A): A framework to model relationships between building energy use and spatial proximity of urban systems" was published in Sustainable Cities & Society. Congrats to Ranjitha and Zheng who worked on this project! (Note the above link is valid until July 10, 2021 for free access. Please use the link from the publications page after this date.)

*New Paper* in Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings & Cities!

Our paper "Performance of Existing Methods in Baselining Demand Response From Commercial Building HVAC Fans" was published in the Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings & Cities. This paper was a collaboration with Prof. Johanna Mathieu and Dr. Shunbo Lei at the University of Michigan. Congrats to the whole team on this collaborative effort!

City sketch by Andrew Sonta