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We develop socio-technical and data-driven solutions to sustainability challenges facing the urban built environment

Latest Lab News

*New Paper* in Advances in Applied Energy

Our paper "TOM.D: Taking advantage of microclimate data for urban building energy modeling" was published in Advances in Applied Energy.  Congrats to Tom who led this work!

*New Paper* Environmental Research: Infrastructure & Sustainability

Our paper "Natural ventilation versus air pollution: assessing the impact of outdoor pollution on natural ventilation potential in informal settlements in India" was published in Environmental Research: Infrastructure & Sustainability. Congrats to Kopal who led this work! 

*New Paper* in Applied Energy!

Our paper "The impact of urban form on daily mobility demand and energy use: Evidence from the United States" was published in Applied Energy. This work was in collaboration with Zach Needell at LBNL.  Congrats to the whole team!  (Note the above link is valid until May 28, 2023 for free access. Please use the link from the publications page after this date.)

City sketch by Andrew Sonta

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