Our lab is comprised of a scholars from a diverse array of interests and backgrounds. We strive to foster an open collaborative environment and to have fun while doing some incredible scholarly work.
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Rishee Jain, Director

Rishee is the Director of the Stanford Urban Informatics Lab (UIL) and an Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering. For his research, Rishee was awarded the Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) fellow award from the National Science Foundation and previously held the Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship at NYU's Center for Urban Science + Progress. He earned his PhD and MS from Columbia University where he was an IGERT Fellow in the Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design program, a joint program between engineering and urban planning. He also holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside the lab, Rishee is an avid Bollywood film buff and he can usually be found watching (and analyzing) the latest release with his wife (especially if it's a Shah Rukh Khan film).

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Marco Miotti, Postdoctoral Fellow

Marco Miotti is a TomKat / SNSF Mobility Postdoctoral Fellow in the Stanford Urban Informatics Lab. His research focuses on modeling the impact of urban form and land use policies on city energy consumption across both the buildings and the transportation sectors. He received his B.S. in Environmental Science and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from ETH Zurich, and his PhD in Engineering Systems from MIT. He also developed Carboncounter.com, a tool that lets consumers explore the emissions and costs of different car models and compare them against climate targets. Outside the lab, Marco plays hockey, enjoys photography, and likes to cook (and, more importantly, eat).


Abigail Andrews, MS-PhD student

Abigail is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Urban informatics lab. Her research focuses on the improvement of data collection and analysis for building benchmarking programs. She received a BA in Environmental Policy from Barnard College of Columbia University. Outside the lab, Abigail enjoys drinking coffee, reading the New Yorker, and seeing live music.

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Rohan Aras, PhD Candidate

Rohan is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab. His research focuses on identifying the natural scales at which urban dynamics change and applying these findings to better plan infrastructure. He received a BS in Informatics and a BA in Mathematics and Urban Planning from the University of Washington. Rohan enjoys exploring cities,  traveling, hiking, cooking/eating, and is an avid fan of his home team Sounders.


Thomas Dougherty, MS-PhD student

Thomas Dougherty works as a graduate research assistant for the Urban Informatics Lab at Stanford University. His research interests include user behavior modeling in buildings, energy consumption and optimization, and thermal comfort characterization. He earned his B.S. at the University of Texas at Austin in 2018 in Mechanical Engineering. Thomas also loves learning languages and traveling. He speaks Spanish and Chinese, and is always looking for a language partner to brush up.

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Kopal Nihar, MS-PhD student

Kopal works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab. Her research interests lie at the intersection of data science, building energy simulation and analysis of thermal comfort of occupants, particularly in mixed-mode buildings. She received a dual degree of B.Tech in Civil Engineering and Master in Building Science by Research from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. In her free time outside the lab, Kopal enjoys watching cricket/tennis and is a huge fan of Bollywood music and movies.

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Alex Nutkiewicz, PhD Candidate

Alex is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab pursuing a PhD in the Sustainable Design & Construction Program. Her research focuses on integrating data science and building simulation - particularly looking at understanding its impact on urban energy consumption. She received her BS in Sustainable Engineering from Stanford University, where she also studied mechanical engineering and architecture. Outside the lab, she enjoys rowing, long road trips, and cheering on the Vancouver Canucks.


Jonathan Roth, PhD Candidate

Jonathan is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab. His research focuses on benchmarking energy efficiency in buildings, examining the dynamics of human-building interaction, and using data to optimize building operations. He earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Cornell University with a minor in Sustainable Energy Systems. Jonathan enjoys playing football, basketball, or anything sport related, and is part of the Stanford Graduate Rugby team. He can usually be found listening to music or reading.


Andrew Sonta, PhD Candidate

Andrew is a Stanford Graduate Fellow and member of the Urban Informatics Lab pursuing a PhD in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.  In his research, he is interested modeling and understanding human-building interaction. In particular, his research focuses on using plug load data in commercial buildings to infer information about activities of building occupants and the network of relationships among them. These insights, he believes, will help building managers and designers improve building operation for energy efficiency, productivity, and comfort. He holds an MS in civil engineering from Stanford University and a BS in civil engineering from Northwestern University, where he also minored in economics and architecture. Outside the lab, Andrew runs the Hard Earth Speaker Series at Stanford’s Roble Hall—a series in which graduate students from across the university discuss vexing environmental dilemmas. Andrew’s favorite things outside the office and classroom are concerts, cooking, golf, the outdoors, and his beloved Chicago Cubs.

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Ranjitha Shivaram, PhD Candidate

Ranjitha is a member of the Urban Informatics Lab pursuing a PhD in Stanford's E-IPER program. Ranjitha is interested in improving urban energy systems to support more efficient and equitable energy use, reduce environmental impact, and enhance resilience to climate change. She holds dual Masters degrees in Engineering Systems and Urban Planning from MIT, and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where she minored in Civil Engineering. She is also passionate about using graphic design to effectively communicate complex environmental concepts. In her spare time, Ranjitha likes to bike, dance, and drink lots of coffee.


Amy Kouch, Undergrad Researcher

Amy is an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab and pursuing a co-terminal degrees in Human Biology (BS) and Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS). Her research interests lie in the area of energy efficiency of residential, commercial and industrial space and helping the (hopefully upcoming) global transition towards clean energy. Outside UIL, Amy loves to paint, hike and spend time outdoors, especially in the ocean.

David Showunmi, Undergrad Researcher

David is an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Urban Informatics Lab and pursuing a degree in Environmental Systems Engineering (BS). His research research interests lie in the area of building automation and management systems. Outside UIL, David is a member of the Stanford Wrestling team and loves to write fiction outside on nice days and play with his pet rabbit Nugget.

Zheng Yang, Affiliate Researcher

Zheng is an affiliate staff researcher in the Stanford Urban Informatics Lab. His research focuses on urban system dynamics, urban level energy awareness, energy efficiency policy recommendations, building energy analytics, and human-building interactions. He earned his PhD in Civil Engineering with the specialization on Informatics for Intelligent Built Environment from University of Southern California and was a Viterbi Fellow in the School of Engineering. He received his MS in Civil Engineering from University of Southern California and two BS in Mechanical Engineering and Construction Management from Tianjin University. Zheng is a fan of travelling. Discovering the world has always been and continues to be part of his lifestyle.

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Ronita Bardhan, Visiting Professor

Ronita is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Stanford Urban Informatics Lab (UIL) and Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering. She is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India and has been awarded the Building Energy Efficiency Higher & Advanced Network  Fellowship supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) for her research in the field of Sustainable Built Environment. She has a PhD from University of Tokyo, Japan where she was a MEXT Scholar in the Environmental Systems Lab at the Department of Urban Engineering. She holds a Master in City Planning from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and a BArch from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology. Ronita is an avid traveler, a fitness enthusiast and loves to watch Bollywood movies.


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