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CAREER: UrbanEMOS: An Urban Energy Management Operating System for understanding and co-optimizing building, energy and human systems at multiple scales


Building, energy, and human systems are deeply intertwined in cities. Design decisions regarding buildings impact energy usage and human comfort and productivity. Conversely, human dynamics and associated municipal policy decisions impact the use types of buildings (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial) and drive associated energy consumption patterns. Failing to understand these complex multi- scale interactions between human, building and energy systems leads to sub-optimal design and operating conditions for all three systems and result in significant energy, economic and environmental costs. The overarching goal of this research is to develop an Urban Energy Management Operating System (UrbanEMOS) that integrates methods from engineering, data science, and urban design/policy to understand and optimize building, energy, and human system interactions at and across multiple scales.


Overall, this CAREER award will to yield fundamental knowledge on the complex dynamics between building, energy, and human systems and serve as a foundation for life-long integration of scholarly research and education in urban systems engineering to support the design of sustainable, energy efficient, and productive communities.

Team Member(s): Abigail Andrews, Tom Dougherty, Lauren Excell, Devan Addison-Turner

Funding: National Science Foundation under Grant: 1941695 

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